Design Process

Step 1: To start the process, those looking for a landscape design are asked to fill out our design questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us gain insight into the goals and scope of the project. Click the button below to fill out our online design questionnaire. Paper copies of the questionnaire are available at the nursery or go to the 'Contact Us' tab to request a digital one. 

Step 2: Once we have received the completed design questionnaire, one of our designers will contact you to set up a design consultation. At this consultation, the designer will walk through the site with you and acquire any other information they may need including measurements, photos, and notes.

Step 3: The designer will  get started on the preliminary design. Once it is completed, you will be given the design to look over. Any feedback and changes should be expressed to the designer at this time.

Step 4:  The designer will make any necessary changes to the plan and will continue with the project estimate. They will also set up a meeting with you at the nursery to show you the plants and materials that will be used within your project.  

Step 5: Once a final design and materials are chosen, the project will be placed on our Installation List and will be completed as soon as possible. 

Step 6: Enjoy your newly installed landscape!

Types of Design

Plan View

Image Overlay

3D Model